Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Week of Pigging Out: Pizza, Pasta and Pancakes

So this past week was a vacation week for Vanessa and me.   Instead of being good little newbie vegans and living a plant based extravaganza, we went nuts the white way.  The white flour way that is.  So the last week was spent with pizza, pasta and mad fresh pancakes…lots and lots of pancakes with drippy and sweet blueberry compote. 
I don’t know what it is but sometimes I can’t help myself.  Three days it seemed like we ate nothing but pasta…pasta with tomato sauce with some bread crumbs and olive oil mixed in.  With breaded fried eggplant; holy sweet lord that was delicious. 
 Everything was delicious and awesome but the one area that wasn’t kind to me was that damned bathroom scale.  I started the week off at 214 but ended the week at 215. 


All in all it wasn’t the end of the world but I have definitely halted the excellent progress I made the previous month by eating plant based and healthy.  I don’t think we did too much dessert but definitely went bananas with carbs…also with my favorite peanut butter, banana and almond milk smoothies.  So what can you do?  I have been good for a month but this past vacation week we spent too much time at the beach and the boardwalk,  Some of our choices were clearly not vegan, like TGI Fridays and pizza margherita with fresh mozzarella on it.   We also took part in the classic boardwalk - deep fried oreos (not sure if they're vegan but clearly not healthy)

Obviously, I am still struggling with the designation between Vegan, vegetarian and plant based.  I want to be vegan but have been having some major struggles, going so far as to have some cheese this past week. Originally the only goal for me personally was to switch to a plant based life but I felt guilty about it and resolved not to try and be vegan.  When we started we didn’t want to necessarily make a political statement but to get healthier and more balanced.  My sister is an ex-vegan (current lacto-ovo vegetarian) that has encouraged us to look at the vegan lifestyle and it has been good if not our original intention.  The kindness to animals was supposed to be the happy byproduct of being better to myself and my body. 
 So this week wasn’t good on the food front.  It was still a fun week with good times and some good food…most of our food was still vegan even if we had a few moments of weakness.  Next week should be more focused and more vegan…I am ready for a mad-fresh week!

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